Schneeflöckli – 155 mpg!

Color photograph of a white Nissan Leaf, named "Schneeflöckli" (Little Snowflake), under snow.

Southern Snow

Schneeflöckli (Little Snowflake) is a Nissan Leaf. This is a fully electric car (no gas tank, no tailpipe, zero emissions)! It is a car made in Tennessee. Even its big battery is made in Tennessee.

It is so efficient, we get 4.6 miles per kilowatt-hour. Doesn’t sound like much? Well, it is quite impressive. To be as efficient as Schneeflöckli, a gasoline powered car would have to run 155 miles on a gallon of gas (because a gallon of regular gas has an energy content of about 33.7 kWh and 4.6 times 33.7 equals 155. The latter number is officially referred to as Miles Per Gallon equivalent and abbreviated MPGe.

Nissan Leaf with Feeding Tube