Facts: What happened the week of January 16, 2017?

Significant? Yes and no. — Horrific? Yes. — Positive? We will see …

Monday, January 16: Martin Luther King day

Color photograph showing a Bernese mountain dog with hand-crafted Appenzell collar decorated with brass cow and cheese maker, sitting on a sofa between a black and white dog in the foreground and a man with a baby in the background, of which merely the legs are visible.

Tuesday, January 17

Wednesday, January 18

Thursday, January 19

Friday, January 20

  • Above mentioned long red tie wearer and presumptuous successor to King Midas is sworn in to gild the White House by his presence and to satisfy all those who still yearn for the magic touch of ‘Midas the Groper.’
  • Shortly after the inauguration, the above mentioned TV personality and land mover, now President of the United States, signs the first executive orders to ‘make America sick again’ and to reverse the lowering of interest rates of FHA mortgages ordered by President Obama to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure.
  • Pompously the Groper takes over the oval structure, previously occupied for eight years by a man who will be remembered as one of history’s most humble and decent Commanders in Chief, President Barak Obama, along with First Lady Michelle, daughters, and of course, my four legged compatriots, Bo and Sunny.

Saturday January 21

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Sunday, January 22

Poster for Monet exhibition at Fondation Beyeler 20170122-20170528

  • Tweets and bickering — to be continued?

Do those words now make me a nasty dog and my inspiring Female a nasty women?
Maybe so. At least it makes a Human human.


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