Annebäbi is eight months old today!

Dear Debbie and Fara,

You may have heard that our humans had serious health issues lately.
We four-legged ones did sense the stress and despair, but it was never really related to us except for longer stays home alone. My big sister had to endure those hours in her crate.
Good medical help and hearty Homines sapientes contributed to speedy recoveries. A brace for the Wolfman plus some good physical therapy mended the bad knee in just 11 weeks.

Annebäbi, strong-willed as any Bernese (dog and human alike), was fitted with an appropriate collar to restrain her swirling through the air. Her dancing Csárdás and hip hop has given way to an (almost) modest, well-behaved gait.

Restricting intake of vitamin k, along with lots of blood test performed by kindly little vampires in a nearby clinic, have helped the Female to shed some of her worst panic attacks. She has gotten strong voiced and vocal again, the way we four-legged ones are used to. Since the return of her bellowing voice, I even lost some of my neurotic behavior. However, the fast growing of my ever happy sister sometimes annoys me!

Ignoring the well-meaning puppy kindergarten trainer, the ambulatory humans resorted to visit dog parks. PetSafe has sponsored several great dog parks in Knoxville, making it one of the most pet friendly towns in the South. The Female and the Wolfman carefully watch out for trouble, even noticing vehicles that belong to not so responsible dog owners. In that case they might visit a nearby pet store to socialize Annebäbi with dogs and people alike. I’m very grateful that I don’t have to attend those outings. Masses of dogs, people—yuck!

Happy birthday big (huge) sister. I love you, despite …


  • Debbie and Fara are the breeders of Annebäbi’s parents.
  • PetSafe, according to the company’s website, is “the largest manufacturer of electronic pet training products in the U.S., with the most innovative research and most advanced designs available today.”
  • Artist Mignon Naegeli writes under the pen name “Basquiat,” an old grouchy mutt, family dog, and brother of  the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy and an old black cat with long legs, named after a famous fashion model (you can watch her in Antonioni’s Blow-Up).


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