In the Foothills. Meet Willie!

Color photograph of a Bernese mountain dog playing with a golden retriever. The dogs are standing at about an right angle to each other. The Golden has the Berner's left ear in his mouth, and it almost looks like they are holding hands, with his right front paw pressing against her left front paw and seemingly pulling it toward him. She seems to be blinking with her left eye and with her slightly open mouth and strangely tilted lower lip and tip of the tongue it almost looks like she's grinning.
Annebäbi and Willie – Photograph copyright @ 2016 Mignon Naegeli

This is a doggie story as hardened as they come. And it includes observations of an old canine campground regular.

It’s almost May. The weather in East Tennessee is unlike most of the country’s: mild, sunny, and the humidity as low as it gets around here. Exactly what my humans covet for a few days at a different location.

We are still in the woods, maybe not as remote as at home, but surrounded by a mass of large trailers, some of which are triple the size of our compact crate on wheels; trailers pulled by huge pickup trucks, loaded to a T with stuff, extra outdoor cooking devices, and a mass of undefinable clutter.

The beauty is that the campground is located on the Little River, which streams down from the Great Smoky Mountains. The river is, at this time of the year, a habitat for many species. My favorites, a pair of Canada geese, wake us early in the morning, noisily flying close above the flowing water. Their beautiful, somewhat sad sound prepares the humans for the new day, it’s beauty … and the unfortunate awful news, should they listen to, or read, the latest occurrences of the day.

Usually, my most scary—though nevertheless most adventurous—daily events at the KOA are the long walks. There is a small dog park. No dogs in it; boring. Nobody to growl at!

Today is special; during our exploratory walk through the campground, I spot a golden RV with two golden retrievers sleeping in front of it, their humans close by. We meet old Wyatt and young Willie: Annebäbi was in love!

I remained at a safe distance, jealously watching my silly sister going gaga over a beautiful golden dog! Wyatt was equally cautious — he went to his female, pretending to ignore the commotion that I suspect will become a daily routine … up to the moment when the Wolfman will strap us into our harnesses on the bed again and drive us off toward home.


7 Comments on “In the Foothills. Meet Willie!

  1. Looks awfully close to home to me! 😉
    What a beautiful KOA campground!
    What a beautiful town is Townsend!
    What beautiful mountains are these Smokeys!
    What beautiful friends are those Upson dogs and their people!!!

  2. Hi Basquiat,
    I enjoyed reading about your camping adventures. I met you and your sister Annebäbi at the KOA dog park. I am that wild 4 month old Golden, you didn’t want to play with.

    This was my first time camping and I loved it. My favorite thing was the river. My parents say I get to return 5 more times this year. Sleeping in the camper is such fun. I also met Willie and Wyatt, but my parents took no pictures. I sure hope I get to see everyone again sometime. I am growing so fast you probably won’t recognize me. My manners are improving too.

    Happy camping!

    • Thanks for writing, looking forward to another sniff. My manners never really improved, and I’ll be 14 this year.


  3. Hello Basquiat,
    It is so nice of you to share your vacation images with me; you know I love hearing all about your adventures with your “little” sister & your humans. Your words draw a vivid picture of what is happening and the photos from your female really bring things to life. Keep a big brother eye on your sister and protect her from unwanted suitors.
    Love you all,

  4. Looks like Annebabi is having a great time with Willie! She’s such a beauty – I bet every male dog has his eye on her!

  5. What a pleasure to meet you all.

    Dean, Jeannine, Willie and Wyatt

  6. Wonderful!!!!!!! Willie and Waylon will be there next spring and I hope we get to see you all again at Little River.

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