My Female’s Brush with the K-9

Sepia-toned black and white closeup photograph of a dog's nose and eyes, which dominate the right side of the picture. A female human's head leans obliquely on the dog's right shoulder. Only the female's nose, eyes, right temple and the right side of the top of her head are visible in the picture.
Selfie with my Female – Photograph Copyright © 2015 Mignon Naegeli

It was a beautiful day. Sunny, with decent temperatures for January, especially since the nasty cold weather had prevented us from traveling in our RV, which cannot handle subzero temperatures; meaning, no water! Bad thing for the Female, especially because of her health-related issues.

The Wolfman was attending green meetings and had left early. After the Female finished her grooming session she decided that the two of us would drive into town, leaving my sisters behind. The plan was to get a care packet for an artist friend who had suffered a bad fracture of her arm after falling a few weeks ago.

We left happy, the driver paying more attention to the beautiful sunny landscape than to the speedometer …

Suddenly, we noticed alarming flashes of light behind us. They were emanating from a fancy white SUV that had POLICE written on it in bold letters, alerting us to imminent trouble. The Female pulled into a parking lot. A handsome police officer emerged from the vehicle and approached us. I uttered a few barks but stopped quickly after my friendly human rolled down her window. From the officer, who’s K-9 patch identified him as a dog handler, she learned that she had been flying past a 35 mile restriction in her spirited mood.

Knoxville POLICE K-9 black patch

Of course, being a doggy person, she couldn’t stop herself asking the K-9 officer for the name of his four-legged partner. Moah is its name, as far as I understood. A German shepherd, one of 16 canine police officers in our town. Impressive!

We drove rather slowly afterwards, sort of geezer style, without incident, except for annoying busy drivers behind us.

At home, the female turned on her shows on Tivo and switched to Lasse Halmström‘s Casanova with, the now passed, Heath Ledger in the title role. Not his finest performance, she thought.

On the opposite, the great Canadian actor Oliver Platt stole the show with his witty, sarcastic portrayal of Paprizzio. Lasse has an incredible talent in story telling, finding his own interpretations. Instead of portraying Casanova as the man his name stands for to this day, he depicts him, tongue in cheek, as a sensitive, insecure male who uses his sexual needs and his ego to seduce woman who themselves feel lonely and deprived of love. Been there, done that, many might say.

Not a bad ending to a potentially disastrous day despite the $116+ detracted from our budget. To be used, I hope, on some great dog food for my four legged workforce companions.

January, 2016

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