Inhumans #MeToo

Basquiat – 15th birthday, December 2017 – © 2017 Mignon Naegeli

Two of my canine partners, Barkley and Hemingway, are the companions of who used to be our Human’s most esteemed journalist. He suddenly fell from grace; got fired for lewd behavior over the years. He was swept away by a harassment cleansing that has befallen this country of mine.

My Female tells me, zillions of bitches of her own gender are revolting against a common male behavior woman have endured, probably since the beginning of time.

Ha—what about the odalisques, if you mind to study historical paintings?
Is there a human who didn’t experience sexual attraction?
Not in my—or any other—breed. After all, we would be long extinct!

Actors, athletes, even politicians—any kind of famousness—may be accused of improper conduct. The little ones, administrators, small business owners, … are overlooked—so far.

Accusers become heroines (or heroes).

Time magazine cover, December 18, 2017 — Time Person of the Year. The silence breakers: the voices that launched a movement. Five women and the arm of a sixth person are depicted on the cover image.

The Female tells me about her life and how she handled unwanted sexual approaches. The word NO and/or an occasional kick or slap would do it.
At one time, she locked herself in a guest room, found a Günter Grass book she hadn’t read. After three or four hours her attacker had sobered and gave her a lift home. The only harm done was that she had to pick up the book at a library in order to finish it. The man in question, to whom she had ironically given the nickname Oskar (after the protagonist in the Tin Drum) was a co-worker. When he tried to denigrate her with their employer, who had a keen sense of what had happened, he got fired.

It was on a different continent where the humans are not quite as prude as in this land that is our home today. Humans make mistakes. They have needs that are strange and cruel. We four legged creatures, love the ones who are kind and gentle. We don’t even care about their odd appetites, as long we are not their victims. It happens quite frequently, though. However, that kind of assault usually gets ignored.

Yet, we are well aware of goats and other animal victims. We can’t talk. Most two legged ones don’t mind when animals become sex toys. What about us? Who cares? Countries may have laws on animal rights, but in this situation, the ordinances are seldom enforced for dearth of witnesses. Raphael Zemp writes in an article in the Luzerner Zeitung of December 1st about animal sex abuse in the canton of Uri, Switzerland. A horrendous story! Those of you who can read the German language I encourage to look it up.

Some of us pets survive; find what they call a ‘forever home.’ Personally, my trauma was physical abuse. Placed in a shelter as a four month old puppy, I was rescued finally by my Humans. This is definitely a forever home. I’m getting very old, suffering seizures every so often now. But I have a home and I can still write.

Farm animals end up in slaughter houses or become victims to man’s favorite toy. Wild creatures lose their habitat, due to development, wildfire, or drought.

4 Comments on “Inhumans #MeToo

  1. Howl to you Basquiat, my favorite human friends’ special friend. Happy 15th, so glad to hear you are still kept warm and fit in loving arms!

  2. Glad to hear that Oskar was fired! And that the female escaped such a predator.

    Basquiat is one lucky dog! He certainly has the most loving and caring humans. Hard to understand why people would harm defenseless animals, except that they must have been harmed themselves at some point in their lives. Reading your story reminded me that we have the “Animal Sanctuary” located nearby, where mistreated animals are rescued and given a forever home.

    • We too had a “wild animal sanctuary” until last week when it burned down!

      Except for 2 monkeys who were able to escape and some tigers! (that are kept in a different enclosure) no animal survived – two of them endangered snakes.

      The owners begged for prayers – and donations, the newspaper reported.

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