Where Would She Be Now? My first poem


Color right-frontal photograph of a, cuddly, wooly-looking Bernese mountain dog puppy, sitting on dry grass and maple leaves near the edge of a forest. The white and tan markings of the dog's black coat are typical for the breed and perfectly expressed with a white frontal stipe centered on the forehead and down over the bridge of the nose, muzzle, chin and front of the throat and breast as well as on the tips of all four paws. Tan on the lower parts of the legs, to the left and right of the cruciform chest pattern, as well as on the checks, and a tuft above each eye.Photograph © 2014 Wolf Naegeli

She was tiny, just eight weeks old.
She sat in a corner,
Wearing a purple collar, staring at the older couple,
Who hailed from afar to usher away one of them.

Her many siblings frolicking around the old folks,
She remained in her corner.
They locked eyes – the puppy and the people.
And again. She moved slowly toward them.
Not close — enough though to catch a whiff of wonders.
Odors of sweet perfume, strange flavors, humans, familiar scents, dog. Maybe a cat.

Color photograph of Basquiat, the black and white mixed-breed dog and Annebäbi, the Bernese mountain dog puppy running side-by-side toward the photographer. The puppy is looking up to her much taller companion and her still relatively short-haired tail is bent to the same side and forward so that its white tip is very visible.Photograph © 2014 Mignon Naegeli

She was the one.

Where would she be now?

A trainer said, “a very shy puppy.”
She can read. Not words. Them!

Where would she be now?

She is Annebäbi,
My sister. The Purple Girl.

False-color photograph of the head of a Bernese mountain dog from a vantage point above and in front of the right eye. The range of clors from dark to bright include red, blue, green, and yellow tones.Photograph © 2018 Mignon Naegeli

One Comment on “Where Would She Be Now? My first poem

  1. You have captured personality in both words & pictures. I loved these words from Basquiat. A lovely respite on a dreary day!

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