About Words

Basquiat is the nome de plume of artist-writer Mignon Naegeli. She lives with her Wolfman, dogs Basquiat & Annebäbi, and Verushka, the black cat, in Tennessee.


Elsa – Photograph copyright @ 2016 Mignon Naegeli I promised you recently that I would tell you about another Elsa, not the Adamson’s lioness, but a gentle huge lady I met a few months ago. I really like our new neighbors and their critters. The woman calls me Basquiat Bear, it makes me feel grand! Like those great beasts who hunt for salmon up in the Northwest on the Copper River. Then, we have those… Read More

Death of a Master

James Gabriel Perret ca. 1960 – Photograph copyright © 1960-2015 Mignon Naegeli On Friday the thirteenth of November 2015, James Gabriel Perret, the person most influential to my Female’s artistic life, passed away. She told me, in sometimes sketchy memoirs, what I will share with you, my dear reader, about a great man who never received the honor he deserved for his lifelong devotion to photography, a trade that survived little more than one… Read More